New ASE Utra Jet-Z Compact, Direct Thread, .30 Cal 5/8

jet-Z COMPACT is an efficient and modern suppressor designed for centrefire rifles. It comes in calibres from .243 Win to .30-06 Spr. A vast selection of threads ensures that the suppressor is suited to both light and heavy / target barrels.

The jet-Z COMPACT suppressors are all-steel, all-welded units rated for hunting, sport shooting or professional use on bolt-action or semi-automatic weapons.

The result is a weapon firing full power ammunition, with a muzzle signature lower than that of an unsuppressed .22 rimfire rifle.


The Jet Z Compact suppressors reduce the weapon sound pressure level by 25-32 dB (depending on calibre, ammunition type, and measurement location).
The Jet Z Compact suppressors also reduce recoil and muzzle flash significantly.

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ASE Utra Jet-Z Compact, Direct Thread, .30 Cal 5/8" x 24 Suppressor

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