Stoeger Cougar 9mm, Semi-Automatic Pistol
Stoeger 8000 Cougar Pistols: Champions of Tactical Reliability
The new Stoeger 8000 Cougar semi-auto pistols inherit the reputation of the original Beretta 8000 as reliable, durable and powerful. First designed primarily for tactical undercover work, the Cougar is now carried by a growing number of police officers as their official duty sidearm thanks to its ergonomics, low recoil and inherent accuracy.
The original Beretta Cougar was NATO qualified and boasted a long service-life of more than 30,000 9mm rounds. In its new incarnation, Beretta has developed an ergonomically-advanced pistol that is compact but capable of handling high-power cartridges, offering high magazine capacity and giving a long service life. This has been possible also thanks to the innovative adaptation of a locked-breech system with a rotating barrel.
Today, the new Stoeger 8000 Cougar pistol is manufactured by the Stoeger Silah Sanayi A.S., strictly in line with the most traditional Beretta quality control and attention to detail.
Low Recoil
Upon firing this pistol, shooters are amazed by the low felt recoil. This is due to two factors working together. The first is the rotating barrel system, which dissipates recoil radially rather than directing it into the shooter’s hand. The second is the central block, which absorbs the mechanical recoil from the barrel and the slide before this is transferred to the frame.
When the Cougar is in battery, the positive lock-up of the barrel to slide assures perfect alignment of barrel and sights. Upon firing, the barrel travels and rotates with axial movement. Besides low recoil, the result is superior accuracy and quicker recovery for follow-up shots.
Advanced Ergonomics for Easy Handling, Control, Concealment
The Cougar is one of the most ergonomically advanced pistols in its class. The user-friendly, contoured frame and grips make the Cougar exceptionally easy to control during firing.
By taking hand anatomy and instinctive hold into account, the Cougar accommodates smaller hands and also protects larger hands from being bitten by the slide. All edges are rounded or bevelled and are carefully finished to make the Cougar virtually snag-proof and exceptionally easy to draw and conceal.
Different Configurations to Suit Most Tactical Needs
The Cougar L Type P is conceived to deliver high firepower in F or D (Double Action Only) operating systems. F models have the same safety features of the famous Beretta 92 FS pistol: external ambidextrous manual safety with decocking lever, trigger bar disconnect, rotating firing pin striker, firing pin block device and a loaded-chamber indicator.
The double-action-only D versions have the firing pin block device and the loaded-chamber indicator but no manual safety, thereby offering a super-smooth, exceptionally snag-free side. Both versions are manufactured in 9 mm or .40 calibre to satisfy the different needs of police officers and concealed-carry permit holders.
The 8000 Cougar L 9mm pistol, available in F or D configurations, features the same rotating barrel system as the full-size Cougar L Type P; the difference is in the shortened grip frame that houses a 13-round, high-capacity double-stack magazine. The bevelled slide and the reduced dimensions and weight also make this model ideal for undercover work.

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Stoeger Cougar 9mm, Semi-Automatic Pistol

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